Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How low can you go?

The following video is supposedly not satire. It consists of a man/preacher telling us how to raise people form the dead through the power of Jesus.

Synopsis: He went to Africa where he was preaching and some Africans interrupt him which makes him angry, they take him to a dead woman, whereupon he raises her from the dead and the Africans run and tackle her, she then steals their money and they tackle her again, then they share the gospel of Jesus Christ with her and she converts to Christianity (OMG Praise the Lord).

Watch this video to see how ridiculously idiotic this shit is. But, I think that this video isn't as bad as the fact that I know that there are some people who will/have watch/watched this and actually believe/believed this shit.

The above idiots website: http://www.kingdomrevelation.org

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