Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 things people say to Atheists that show that they are scientifically illiterate and mentally challenged

10)You are going to HELL! But Jesus loves you and I'm praying for you.
I actually find this one funny.

9)Why do you worship the devil?
Apparently people don't even know what an Atheist is.

8)America is a christian nation!
Perhaps there is a correlation between religiosity and a lack of historical knowledge.

7) Anything to do with fruits or bananas in an argument against evolution
This one usually makes me laugh and sad at the same time.

6)You are close minded and will never change your mind!
This is the usual projection that theists prescribe too. They are close minded so they somehow think that you are close-minded too. Damn those mirror neurons.

5)If you don't believe in GOD, where do your morals come from, what is to stop you from raping and murdering people?
It is called the law, if I rape or murder someone, I have to go to jail where I will be raped and possibly murdered, which are things that I sure as hell don't want done to me.

4) You are an atheist so you don't believe in anything!
That is a Nihilist not an atheist, on the opposite side you have the post modernists and cultural relativists(ewwwwwww).

3)You atheists actually believe in a GOD but you deny him!
I find this one the most annoying. The Christian idiot who states that one is one deluded person with major mental issues. A improper rebuttal would be "You theists actually don't believe in a GOD you just do it cause it makes you feel better!", but it sure would be funny to see the look on their faces.

2) Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim-jung-il were all atheists and atheists were responsible for all the horrible things they did.
Nazi's wore belt buckles with "GOD with us" written on them. Atheism is simply a disbelief in GOD it is not a group of people with similar tastes, culture, or philosophical backgrounds.

1)What if you are wrong? (and all permutations of Pascal's wager)
This one is tied with the other #1 so there are two #1's because they are equally as annoying.
Answered simply by saying what if you are wrong! Then a list of religions follows.

1)You can't prove there isn't a GOD!
And I can't prove that ghosts are not performing ectoplasmic orgies in my apartment, doesn't make it true.

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Ken said...

5)If you don't believe in GOD, where do your morals come from, what is to stop you from raping and murdering people?

I find that one insulting too. As if raping and murdering would be a tempting thing to do!