Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Found The Cure for all Rust Diseases I'm Going To Be Famous

While reading through one of the labs books on plant pathology. I came across a passage referring to an ancient Roman GOD named Robigus (The GOD of plant rusts). Now all I need to do is perform an ancient Ritual celebration called Robigalia, where I take one sheep, one cow, and one pig and cut their heads off. This practice is rightly called "The Triple Sacrifice."
<----- As seen here.

Bwahahaha, watch out fungus, the GOD Robigus is pleased with my offering and will now show his mercy upon the infected Rose Apple and Ohia trees all over these Hawaiian Islands. What a great way to celebrate National Prayer Day. Robigus is a GOD of hate and vengeance, a GOD of action, he will come for you in the night, for he is an Indian who can turn into a wolf, yes, the wolfen will come after you, with his razor.

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