Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Facts

Your Genome is not deterministic only probabilistic.

You can't divorce environmental factors from your genome.

Knowing your entire genome does not reveal everything about you.

Specific traits can be selected for only on a probability that environmental factors will be ideal for that specific trait.

Traits, such as intelligence can be improved upon throughout ones life, the human brain can and does build new neural pathways even in adulthood.

Global warming is occurring. A common hypothesis that people usually try to counter global warming with is this "Doesn't the world go through climate change cycles of warm then cold, and this is shown to be the case throughout history?" Answer: Yes, the world does go through climatic changes due to many factors including solar variations, volcanic eruptions and orbital changes, BUT NONE OF THOSE FACTORS ARE AFFECTING THE CURRENT CHANGE, the rise in temperatures is directly the cause of humans releasing green house gases into our atmosphere. more info here and here

Societies problems are not due to science, societies problems are due to a misuse of technologies mixed with idiotic stone age philosophies such as nationalism, racism, and religious dogma, along with frontal lobe disorders. <-----Abiotic causes not included.

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