Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Problem With/Of Social 'Scientists'

I have recently been noticing a worsening trend within the social 'scientist' community. A trend of a complete and utter lack of understanding of the natural sciences or what I like to call 'REALITY'. Why is it that whenever I hear a anthropologist or a political 'scientist' speak they seem to defend their views with "you need to respect my view", "you need to respect other peoples views", "you need to be sensitive to indigenous cultures", "I don't need to back up my claims with evidence I can just bullshit away until people believe me", "knowledge is democratic".

No person should respect false information. If you make a blatantly false statement, why should I or anyone else have to respect that? If you say that the earth is flat I will laugh in your face show you why it is a spherical structure and call you an idiot all at the same time.

I think its about time that scientists stop being nice about important issues, it sure as hell has not worked for 149 years of evolution by natural selection, stem cell research, GMO's, etc.. I feel that the public has gotten away with a misunderstanding of science because there are little or no social consequences. Ridicule can be very effective at making people change their views on issues. If we as scientists stop being nice to these idiots and call a spade a spade, maybe they will realize that something is wrong with the stone age ideas they hold.

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