Friday, April 11, 2008

Presentation tomorrow at 20th annual CTAHR Research Symposium

I am giving a presentation on:

Brush cherry (Eugenia paniculatum): a new host for ohia rust (Puccinia psidii). David Simmons*, Chris Kadooka and Janice Uchida. Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences.

Puccinia psidii was first found on potted ohia (Metrosideros polymorpha) on Oahu and has been severe on rose apple (Syzygium jambos). In Kamuela, brush cherry (Eugenia paniculatum) is infected with a rust disease and it would be a new record for this host in the family Myrtaceae. Brush cherry is widely used as a landscape plant, hedge, or potted ornamental. Our objective was to confirm the identity of the rust. Diseased plants were collected and examined microscopically. Typical urediniospores were found, which fit the description of P. psidii. In 2007, molecular analysis showed that only one strain was present in Hawaii on several hosts tested. Molecular analysis was completed for the brush cherry rust and it is similar to the other P. psidii strains collected in Hawaii. There are at least 8 strains of P. psidii known in the world and each strain is believed to attack different hosts based on early studies. The Hawaii strain causes severe disease on rose apple. Categorizing and monitoring the movement of P. psidii in Hawaii and globally will help to understand the distribution of this rust in different temperatures and humidity levels.

I am up at ~12:00pm, agriculture science bldg. room 204 University of Hawaii.

I'll post my presentation after I make a movie out of it.

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