Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Freedom Of Speech

I've had it up to here 'insert gesture' with people saying we need limits on freedom of speech. The entire definition of freedom of speech loses all meaning when you put restrictions on it. Freedom of speech with restrictions is not Freedom of Speech!!!

If someone wants to deny the holocaust, say that gays are an abomination, say evolution is a lie, say that trolls are stealing their underpants, say that cigarettes are good for you and don't cause cancer, say that science disproves science, say that big foot exists, say that Atlantis was the first civilization, say that aliens are abducting them and force impregnating them, say that black people are inherently stupid, say that white people are the devil, say that Mexicans are lazy, say that Asians all have small dicks, say that 9'11 was an American conspiracy, say that China is the cleanest country in the world, say that Hitler was an Atheist, say that the earth is 6,000 years old, say that coffee enemas are good for your health, say that they can cure your disease and that you should throw away all of your medicine, say that you should give them money for you to go to heaven.

^All of that ignorant stupid shit, should be allowed to be said in a society that upholds freedom of speech. And anyone who believes any of that crap I listed above should say it out loud in public, so that I know where ever I go who the dumb fucks are.

I will go even further and say that death threats, inciting violence, and hate speech should be allowed in a country that upholds freedom of speech.

I will now go on to defend my position. If someone issues a death threat to me or someone else, then goes on ahead and attempts to murder me, I will be better prepared knowing ahead of time that that specific someone wants to kill me. After the attempted murder takes place, then that person will be sent off to prison. I would even thank someone for telling me ahead of time that they were going to kill me, it sure is a hell of a lot better then a gun being shoved into my face randomly. For anonymous death threats I would say the exact same thing.

Now why do I say that inciting violence in speeches should be allowed? Well not only was this entire country based on an incitement of violence against oppressors, but if the forefathers of the American revolution said "oh no, we can't incite violence, it is not proper". There sure as hell would have been no revolutionary war and no America to boot. If someone tells a crowd of people to kill someone, and that person is killed, the person who made the command should be charged for murder along with anyone else who was involved, this will help to weed out the loonies from society.

Now I want this to be clear so no one misunderstands me, if violent acts are done they should be punished along with the inciter of the violent acts.

Hate speech should be allowed. If someone is a hate mongering bigot, it doesn't make a damn difference if they are a closet hate mongering bigot. The punishment for hate mongers should be a shunning from the people around them, the loss of jobs, the loss of status, and the loss of a place in society is punishment enough.

For a rebuttal you might say, what about people who are planning terrorist attacks? If you are planning terrorist attacks buy a load of guns, gather up dynamite and plastic explosives, take flight classes, obtain a nuclear weapon and are stupid enough to tell everyone about it. Does anyone think that the terrorist attack would succeed? I rest my case, with no need for further explanation.

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