Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Cornelius here, decided to take up spear fishing in his spare time. This is the first time that a primate, other then ourselves, has been seen using a tool to hunt.

Orangutans are known for their strength >7 times of a normal human man, at the local zoo one of the former orangutans play toy was a 150kg log that she would toss around with one hand.

Ronnie Coleman Commented saying:
"Ain't nothing but a peanut"

The image is part of a series taken for a new book, The Thinkers Of The Jungle, which also includes the first photograph of an orangutan swimming.

Thinkers Of The Jungle, by Gerd Schuster, Willie Smits and Jay Ullal, is published by Ullmann Publishing on May 5, RRP £29.99.

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